"Reaching The Unreached & Telling The Untold"

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Elderly Home

During the last stages of life these people were abandoned by the family members due to poverty and not having the ability of feeding, clothing, medication and also some other reasons. Simply these people begging for food on the streets and sleeping on put paths and loosing their lives and dying.

Really due to much more poverty these people are unable to have a healthy life. So the Lord gave the passion to ZFM and have them from reviling families and helping them a place to live and spend their last life with happiness and comfortably at Zion Faith Elderly Home.

By faith The ZFM is providing the daily food, clothing, medication and nutrition for these people everyday and teaching them more about Jesus and be closed to God.

If you would like to show the compassion and love of God upon these elderly who have no one to take care of them, please be a partner with ZFM immediately and consider sending support every month to help feed, house, clothe and medication for these elderly people.