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Zion Faith Ministries is fighting against hunger and poverty by faith and through the power of God and His compassion because poverty is not in the will of God. God always wants His children to live in a higher level. Here the Native Missionaries of India who are working with ZFM by faith they struggle a lot everyday to feed their families because of the poverty.

Therefore when the Lord provides additional funds we utilize them to buy rice and shoes for the ZFM native pastors who are struggling without enough daily bread and who are walking hundreds of miles to minister the gospel without shoes. We pray the Lord enables us to bless all our pastors with regular monthly support of $100 and supply shoes and bicycles to each and every pastor in ZFM.

We are also showing the compassion of the Lord, His love and mercy upon the needy people who are living on foot paths beside the roads without houses (homeless) and who are unable to buy rice and are begging on the streets starving for food. Also the people who are considered untouchables who were cast out from society and communities we treat these people with money from the little bit of tithes from what money we have. In India the poverty is humiliating and the pain of starvation excruciating.

This is the reason that our Lord Jesus is allowing ZFM to reflect His care for the poor and His love for the afflicted through a program which distributes food to the hungry like rice bags, vegetables, blankets and shoes for those in need in our communities and societies in India.

The ZFM Pastors regularly visit people in slums, tribal, and disaster sites and encourage them with the love and mercy of God.

Please remember we need your valuable prayers and partnership continually to take this great ministry effort to every corner of India and to reach every walk of life with His gospel, His love and His compassion.