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ZFM Brings the Good News even through the medical camps among poor and needy. Particularly in rural villages where there is much poverty and facilities of medical care are not available. We are able to provide the people who are unable to meet the doctor’s fees and buy the medicines with much needed medical attention.

We invite doctor’s and nurses who have compassion on the poor and needy to join with us in our effort to treat the sick and diagnose the diseases. They do it on a volunteer bases with us and we provide free medicines when the Lord provides the money.

We personally feel this is a very effective ministry to show the love of God to the poor through the deeds of mercy through our actions. Though we are financially very week and poor but we are so glad to tell you that we have an almighty God who will supply all our needs and bless this ministry abundantly and enable us to do the work of the Gospel.

So therefore we ask you please pray for this ministry continuously that God may provide the resources and medical supplies to assist the poor and needy every month. Also we have been conducting awareness programs for many years for HIV / AIDS, CANCER, PARALYSIS, HEART DISEASE AND DISEASES OF CHILDREN ETC.

We have great intentions to provide medical clinics, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. We are seeking the will of God and praying to the Lord to bring forth the right partners and to open the mighty doors for this ministry to construct the medical centers and supply the medicines for the poor and needy, particularly in remote places where the people are struggling for medical care.

We believe this ministry will be able to show Gods compassion among our poor communities in India. We know a lot of people will come to know Jesus through this desperate need showing His compassion and mercy through medical care.