Apostle Joseph was the father of Pastor Rev. Param Jyothi who is the president of ZFM and leading the powerful dynamic ministry for the hurting and dying souls in India at this end time. Zion Faith Ministries was founded by Apostle Joseph in the year of 1965.

During his childhood he lost his father. After few months gone his mom had illnesses and lost her memory power and became a mad. Really she was unable to recognize even her relatives and neighbors and simply roaming here and there on the streets and used to stay in the nights mostly at graveyards along with her son Joseph.

When Joseph got five years old then someone took him in to the boarding school that which looked like an orphanage and left him over there to have food and education freely without any charge.

He spent almost ten years in the boarding school and completed his education and married a young lady while he was in 15 years old and joined in a cement factory as a laborer. The wages that he was getting every month was not enough to feed his family and meet his basic needs so he decided to die.

One day unknowingly someone came to him and helped to join another company that was called sack stitching company. While he was working in that company suddenly God appeared him and said that I am the God of your father who died on the cross of Calvary chosen you while you were in your mother womb to do my job and deliver the people from sin. Again God spoke to him leave this work and come outer of this company and obey to me. I am going to use you greatly as an apostle to plant the churches and reach the lost and lead multitudes in to the way of salvation.